Hey there! We’re shouting for creative ideas!

We are looking for people full of creative ideas and keen on Asian food!

We offer you a collaboration. Go for Noo Noodles experience, give us advice on what to improve or add something new to our menu. Promotion ideas for social media and offline, new recipes or any solution that will help to make our customer services work better are welcome.

So Simple! Come, try our food and give us feedback with your comments on the info@noonoodles.co.uk

You can get a prize in 3 categories:

  1. Best advice implemented by Noo Noodles team will be issued with creative partner certificate, £108 cash and an opportunity to work together
  2. Good idea that we will possibly use in future will get £58
  3. Most active person will get a Free Meal

Don’t wait, come over!

*Terms and conditions: In remain activity can participate any person. Ideas must be emailed on info@noonoodles.co.uk Please do mention your full name and contact details in your email form. Best advices are chosen by Noo Noodles team and will receive a £108 cash and other prizes mentioned above. Noo Noodles leave a right to use an ideas sent over the email at their own discretion.

Take away wok restaurant. Fast food cooked on fire.

Custom made street food

  • Healthy balance

    Humans have been eating noodles for over 2000 years - this food is time tested!

    Today more than 2 billion people ACROSS THE WORLD choose noodles daily as a healthy lunch option. Mostly they’re cooked in Asian style at Chinese, Thai or Japanese restaurants. A portion of our noodles contains almost all necessary vitamins and micro elements that you need every day. It is scientifically proven that stir frying, like we do, keeps all the goodies inside the dish. You can definitely count wok noodles as a healthy fast food!

    Also consider: low calories, pure protein and high energy meals.

    We do have vegetarian and vegan menu options.


    NOO Noodles - possibly is the best oriental takeaway restaurant near you! It’s healthy fast food. NOO wok meals are cooked individually on fire in front of you. Choose your ingredients and watch. Make it personal! We have a big variety of tastes to choose from (Chinese food, Japanese food, Thai food). You will never get bored with NOO Noodles! It's fun to eat outside or have it delivered to your door. We don’t compete with other fast food such as pizza and burgers. We only cook wok dishes - that are fresh and gives you energy, keeps you happy and healthy! Real noodles when it's cooked on fire.

    We love fresh food which gives you energy, keeps you happy and healthy!

    Make every wok rewarding

    We are extremely happy to invite all new and existing customers to become our friends. Join #NooFriends rewards programme and get more then usually. This is our way to say "thank you" for your loyalty. #NooFriends is a unique opportunity to be rewarded for eating favourite street food! All you need to grab the #NooFriends rewards card over the counter and register it online. Please note, this is just a beginning! We will be updating special offers and promotions regularly. We appreciate your feedback as well. Let us know what you think about it!
    Ask yourself: where is the best oriental takeaway near me? This is us! And we have a great lunch deal for you!
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    Every day we try to find a healthy lunch option, regardless if this is pizza, burger, Chinese takeaway or curry.

    Why do we look for fast food restaurants or fast foods that deliver near me?

    The answer is simple - lack of time. Moreover, not every food keeps its quality for a long time after being cooked.

    Most common fast food is pizza. If you are looking for pizza deals today or pizza near me, you will get plenty of restaurants. Pizza is a great choice, but doesn't seem to be very healthy lunch option for every day.

    Why not try something new? You're searching for fast food deals, local fast food, fast food near me or fast food that deliver near me. You get hundreds of results. Pizza, burger, burrito, kebab, oriental takeaway, fish & chips, Indian curry - they are all there.

    It can be very frustrating to make a right choice. We give you a clue: the best fast food restaurants are cooking food on order in front of you.

    Give a try to our wok noodles. This is healthy fast food! All our dishes are cooked using authentic wok and real fire! We don't just cook Chinese food or Thai food recipes, but many other varieties of Asian dishes.

    We work late hours, so before or after going to a pub or bar, why not to have a hot noodles to save your money? We have delivery and take away menu options as well.

    Possibly, we are the best local fast food near you!


    Healthy lunch, lovely after pub

    T: 02071177995

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